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Copper Coil Processing

ACA has been operating a coil-processing department for 12 years. We are able to process coil in a variety of methods including:

  • Slitting
  • Re-rolling
  • Annealing
  • Cut-to-length


Our coil slitting machinery is used only for non-ferrous metals to ensure no cross contamination of metals. The coil slitting machinery can accommodate widths up to 1000mm and thicknesses up to 3mm with width tolerances as close as ±0.025 mm.


Our re-rolling process can provide customers with consistent thickness and uniform tempers, essential for automotive, decorative, electrical and aerospace applications.

Edge Dressing

Sharp edges can be removed by rolling or dressing to provide burr free material for the transformer coil market.


Our annealing furnaces process copper, aluminium, brass, bronze and high performance alloys in a wide range of tempers and target grain sizes.


Our strips can be flattened and cut to length reducing time and in-process scrap for our customers.

Testing & Quality

Testing, measuring and checking at all stages of the operation – goods in, first off, in process and final inspection – ensures high quality and correct material arrives with the customer and is right the first time.

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